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The ScaleGuard Electronic Water Conditioner.

Recommended by Thames Water.

The Benefits of ScaleGuard

Protects the whole house

Fitted to the rising main, a Scaleguard will protect your whole house.

Controls scale build-up

Boilers, cylinders and appliances last longer.

Fuel Savings

Reducing scale formation results in energy savings – Scaleguard saves energy, saves money.

Suitable for all types of pipework

Copper, Steel, Lead or Plastic pipes can all be easily treated.

Easy Installation

The Scaleguard requires no plumbing and is easily fitted. It can also be removed when moving house.

Low energy consumption

This compact unit will cost around £10 per year to run.

No chemical changes to water

Nothing is added to the water (unlike water softeners) and nothing is removed.

The water remains chemically unchanged and tastes the same.

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