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The ScaleGuard Electronic Water Conditioner.

Recommended by Thames Water.

Easy Installation

The Scaleguard is simple to fit as long as there is a power supply nearby. It should only take approximately 20 minutes. There is no plumbing involved and no special tools. All you have to do is fit the unit to the wall with screws and plugs we provide, wrap the signal cable around the chosen pipe (usually the incoming main) and then connect it to a suitable electric socket. There is an inbuilt transformer in the unit which takes the voltage to the coil down to 12 volts and the actual current passing through is only a few milliamps.

Scaleguard being fitted

Most people find it easy to fit in less than half an hour or use a local handyman. You will only require an electrician if you need a new power supply. The Scaleguard only consumes 5 watts of power so can easily be doubled up with any other appliance as the load is so light. If you have any fitting queries please contact us on 0800 528 3278 or email

Download Installation InstructionsDownload Installation Instructions for ScaleGuard.

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In conclusion, I would certainly recommend this appliance as a sound investment.

— DM, London