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The Cost of Hard Water

Hard water could be costing you hundreds of pounds per year

Hard water can lead to:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Appliance maintenance costs
  • Appliance replacement
  • Additional cleaning products

Scaleguard can:

  • Save you money
  • Save you time, making cleaning quicker and easier
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Increase the lifespan of appliances
  • Reduce the need for cleaning products
  • Reduce appliance maintenance costs
  • Increase the efficiency of your heating system
  • Increase the efficiency of your appliances
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your home

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Hard water decreases energy efficiency and increases household bills

When limescale builds up in your pipes, boiler and appliances, it reduces their efficiency and lifespan

When their efficiency is reduced, your heating system and appliances have to work harder, using up more energy to get the job done. The more energy you’re using, the higher your bills and your home’s carbon footprint will be.

  • British Water calculated that for every 1.6mm of scale built up in your heating system, there is a 12% loss in heating efficiency.
  • The Carbon Trust found that a 1mm layer of limescale causes a 7% increase in energy input to the boiler to get the same heating result as a boiler free from limescale.
  • This could cost the average household an extra £200 per year in energy costs.

An average household of 4 can generate up to 70kg of limescale in just one year

Up to 30lbs of limescale can build up inside electric water heaters. So, it’s easy to see how quickly limescale build up could start affecting your energy bills even if you live in a new home.

Around 6mm of limescale will build up in the average householdover 4 years and can cause up to a 40% reduction in your home’s energy efficiency

If you live in an older property that has never had any of the limescale treated, it could have been building up over many, many years.

A water conditioner, like Scaleguard, which will remove existing limescale from your pipes and appliances could save you hundreds of pounds a year on your energy bills. The cost of the device could be recouped in less than a year!

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Hard water can cause a 24% reduction in water heating efficiency

Not only does this mean you have to wait longer to have a shower, you pay more for the hot water once it’s ready:

  • When no limescale is present it takes, on average, 90 minutes to heat a tank of water.
  • When 5mm of limescale is present it takes, on average, 4 hours to heat a tank of water.
  • When 10mm of limescale is present it takes, on average, 6 hours to heat a tank of water.

Washing machines in hard water areas can have their lifespan reduced by 30%

You will need to replace an average washing machine every 7 years instead of 10. This doesn’t account for the possible increase in maintenance costs to keep your washing machine in good order during those years.

A similar effect will occur in your boiler. As limescale builds up on the heat exchanger, your boiler has to work harder to heat the water in your home. Working harder will cut short the lifespan of your boiler and on average will cost you around £1,000 to replace, not to mention the inconvenience of possible breakdowns during the coldest months.

Limescale build up costs you time, making cleaning take longer

Limescale build up means more time spent cleaning your bathroom and kitchen

Not only will you need to spend more of your precious time cleaning, the Water Quality Association in the USA conducted a study to see how water flow through showerheads was affected in hard water areas. They found, on average a 75% reduction in flow rate in just 18 months. A shower that trickles water out slowly means more time spent in the shower and you lose out on the chance to enjoy a nice, hot shower to start or end your day.

Hard water increases your home’s carbon footprint

Limescale reduces your home’s energy efficiency, increases energy output and increases your carbon footprint

When your appliances and pipes are clogged with limescale, they work harder and use up more energy than they would otherwise need to. More energy means more carbon being pumped into the atmosphere leading to climate change. A simple device like Scaleguard can unclog your pipes, improving the energy efficiency of your home, making it more eco friendly!

Hard water costs you more in cleaning products

Around £1 billion is spent on cleaning products in the UK each year

In hard water areas, we often need to use more cleaning products than people in soft water areas just to attain the same levels of cleanliness.

More cleaning products are required to keep on top of limescale build up

In hard water areas, not only do we need to spend more on products that help us tackle limescale, we may also need to use more soaps and detergents since hard water causes products to lather effectively.

With a water conditioner, you can spend less on cleaning products

In fact, washing machines may need to use as much as 30% more detergent to clean clothes and 5x as much soap for washing in the shower.

It has been estimated that the average household can spend up to £200 per year on fabric softeners, limescale removers and detergents, with £60 of that being spent on limescale removal products alone!

A water conditioner allows you to reduce the water temperature when washing clothes

It has also been found that when limescale is removed from your water supply, households have been able to use 50% less detergent and the water temperature for washing clothes can be reduced from 40 °C to 15 – 20 °C.

Scaleguard can, not only solve you money on cleaning products, the increased efficiency of your cleaning products can mean even further reductions in energy usage.

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