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The ScaleGuard Electronic Water Conditioner.

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How It Works

How Scaleguard prevents the build up of limescale in your water system…

The principle of physical water conditioning is not new. The first patent was taken out at the turn of the century. ScaleGuard takes this knowledge into the 21st Century.

The Scaleguard electronic unit works by sending out a computerised modulated signal which can change the physical properties of lime scale and control further build up of hard scale. This compact limescale remover uses a coil wrapped around the outside of your main intake pipe to create an electronic field, which changes the physical properties of the scale-forming calcium. It electronically alters the shape of the limescale crystals so they can't stick onto your pipes any more. Instead they just wash straight through your system.

Your water doesn't just stop depositing limescale anymore — it actually absorbs and dissolves existing limescale, so, over time, Scaleguard actually helps to clean up your entire plumbing system!

ScaleGuard works on all types of pipework up to 28mm in diameter and once fitted requires no maintenance.

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