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Performance Guide

Scaleguard treats all incoming water as it passes the coil and alters the characteristics of calcium so that it does not stick and form hard scale. It is important to remember that calcium is still in the water and will be visible in appliances that are not subject to the free flowing water, e.g. a kettle.

Your ScaleGuard will:

  1. Prevent any further build up of hard scale.
  2. Remove any existing scale within your water system.
  3. Soften hard scale around taps, basins and toilets, etc.
  4. Make the water feel silkier and kinder to the skin and clothing.
  5. Reduce scum and improve lathering of soap.

How to check your ScaleGuard is working for you:

The timescales vary according to water hardness and water consumption, but generally signs of descaling are seen within 4-6 weeks and often much earlier. Please note that the ScaleGuard may appear to become less effective after several weeks. This is because existing scale in the system is being removed so scale prevention is less effective during this period. Once the scale has been removed from the system full effectiveness will then return.

External Scale

This is the best indication, because if the Scaleguard is working on external scale it will certainly be working inside your water system.

  1. Scale around taps, sinks, etc will begin to soften providing that newly treated water is in regular contact with it. Once softened, these deposits can be removed using a stiff brush or scouring pad. Large deposits on tap ends diffusers may have to be gently broken or scraped away.
  2. Surfaces in contact or splashed with water will become easier to clean.
  3. Scale on shower heads softens and can be removed. During descaling some deposits may collect inside the nozzle, these can easily be rinsed away. This particularly applies to electric shower units.
System with limescale

Internal Scale

  1. As your hot water system is descaled water heating will become progressively more efficient. Water heats more quickly and generally to a higher temperature. You can therefore save considerable energy by reducing thermostat settings.
  2. If the system was severely scaled an improvement in water flow may also occur.

Soap, Scum and Skin effects

As the calcium is non-sticky you will usually notice:

The toilet bowls are now scale free which makes them easier to clean. My wife and daughter have noticed that their hair is softer after washing and they use less shampoo.

— BH, Staffs

  1. A reduction of around 25% in soap and detergents.
  2. Less scum formed on the bath and an improvement in soap lathering.
  3. A great improvement in skin condition for anyone suffering from dry skin or Eczema. Even those with normal skin can expect improvements and reduction in the use of hand cream, etc.


Continue to put salt and rinse aid in dishwashers in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions otherwise soft calcium deposits may be evident where water has dried onto horizontal surfaces.


Do not expect your kettle to stay totally clean as there is no water flow. Some calcium will remain. To minimise scale, pour away unused water after each usage and refill with fresh water. Hard scale will then be eliminated and only soft scale will be present. This can be easily brushed and rinsed away. Soft calcium in contact with the element will usually harden and break off from it. If a totally clean kettle is required this can be achieved with some water filters. Contact your Scaleguard supplier for advice as some filters are not effective on calcium.

No longer do I need to use the oil or cream and my skin is not cracking. So! No scaly kettle and no scaly skin.

— Mrs M, Hants

Important Notes

  1. For some time after installation the unit will be de-scaling your water system. This often results in the water appearing to be harder and the calcium deposits increase in places like the shower rose. Once descaled inside, your water system will stay scale-free and calcium marks outside the system should be easy to wipe away.
  2. The faster the flow of water through the signal coil, the better the treatment.
  3. Water Softeners - Water softeners often leave deposits inside a water system, therefore if a softener is in use it is better to allow Scaleguard to remove them before the softener is switched off. Leave the Scaleguard and the softener on together for at least a month.
Scaleguard being fitted
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