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The ScaleGuard Electronic Water Conditioner.

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What People Say About ScaleGuard

As well as being sold direct to retail customers, the Scaleguard is fitted by plumbers and electricians and this is what they say:

After more than 30 years in the trade and a born cynic… I thought the only answer to hard water… was a water softener… However my ScaleGuard unit has shown me an easy to fit, cheap and maintenance free unit that really works… My first choice as a recommendation to my customers from now on.

— P. Maslen, Pipewright Plumbing & Heating, Devizes

…the scale that used to be around the spout of the kitchen sink tap has not returned, very good, but even better is that the existing scale on both shower heads and on the aerator spouts of the bathroom tapes, both basins and bidets have started to diminish and the water flow is returnning to full bore… we shall have no hesitation recommending "ScaleGuard" to our customers.

— L. Killick. H2O Plumbing

I wanted to drop you a line to how impressed I have been with your product, which I have installed in my home. Despite initially being sceptical abou tthe effectiveness of electronic scale reducers, I have noticed a tangible difference in the water quality. You have a winning product.

— I. Puddick, Leakbusters.

I am very impressed with it… I have tried out 3 others on the market and yours is by far the best.

— R.Monk, A1 Plumbing & Maintenance.

I have decided to remove the water softener and I shall not hesitate to recommend the ScaleGuard to my customers.

— G Franks, GK Services, Plumstead.

Having tried the system out I would say that its performance was very good and would recommend this to other people to try.

— Mr G Jackson, Cambs

Overall I have found the ScaleGuard far more effective than I had initally thought and will be recommending it to my customers.

— L. Harris, Pelsatti Plumbing & Bedrooms, Chippenham.

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